It is with pleasure that I recommend the Fideojoy project, that seeks to create links between young Christians through foreign language learning .


It is essential that young people learn to speak foreign languages. Why not bring together those who share the same faith so that their exchanges are not simply useful, technical, practical , but also spiritual, cultural , enlightened by the Gospel?


Why not open them, by learning a new language, to the universality of the Catholic Church?


As Bishop of Lourdes in France, I see the extreme need to communicate within the Church and to share our experiences of faith. FIDEOJOY answers this need . This is why I encourage it .


Ségolène Tilière has my full confidence to work for the success of this project. Here is an opportunity for Christian families to contribute to the education of their children.


Mgr Nicolas Brouwet, Bishop of Lourdes.


Letter of encouragement from Mgr Nicolas Brouwet, bishop of Lourdes, International Sanctuary in France
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