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C├ęcile, 19 years old, AU PAIR IN UK

cecile's testimonial

Why did you want to go and live this Au Pair experience in the UK?

I wanted to go to an English speaking country, rather attractive and close to France. London is a great city, where it's easy to meet people, a city that transports us in a wonderful cultural diversity, there's something for every taste and every colour. Everyone can find their place and that's great!

What brings you the most? What do you like to live? 

Living every day for the last 6 months in a family that, at the beginning, was completely unknown to me, it holds surprises and not only good ones! Leaving our home, our family, our friends and our country for a whole new life. 

I arrived just as I was, many things were going well with the children, but others were not. I'm not very patient but during these last few months, thanks to the children's, I've learned to put things into perspective and take it upon myself. I learn what I know to the children and in return, they make me grow up too! 

What difference do you see in living your Au Pair experience within a Christian family?

When I left for London, my faith was really weak, it no longer existed in practice, but I really hoped to find it again, and for that I had leave home to step back.

Living this au pair experience in a Catholic family is means sharing the same faith, and also living strong moments with your family.

Having the same faith is also the birth of a relationship of trust and sharing. Catholic faith is a gift and you must do everything to keep it, so come and experience being Au Pair in a Catholic family!



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