FIDEOJOY proposes to live concretely the Universal Church by learning a language, discovering a different culture and sharing a common faith. It is a human, cultural, family and Christian adventure and all the participants must find themselves in this spirit. 

Each participant is responsible for the success of this experience and for the good mutual understanding. For this reason, once you have made the connection and before departure, it is advisable to make your arrangements (sending emails, photos, tel, etc.) so as to create a link and facilitate the meeting and understanding between the people involved.

When you welcome someone into your family, try to integrate them as much as possible into family life (conversation, participation in family activities, meals, etc.) to facilitate their integration into the local environment (activities, outings with friends). Cultural visits are obviously also a good way to discover the country and cultural habits.

We draw your attention to the need to adapt to different lifestyles (different schedules, cooking, family habits, etc.). A few rules of good conduct promote good integration: never criticize, never make inappropriate comparisons and always leave with a positive frame of mind.

Those who participate (families or young adults) are committed to living and sharing their faith through common participation in the Sunday service and as far as possible, to other Christian activity (parish event, pilgrimage, visit of a beautiful Church, discovery of a charitable association, etc.). This commitment is an integral part of these experiences and represents their specificity. For this reason, it is advisable to think beforehand about what you wish to experience and share and to plan concretely how to organise it.

In the case of an Au Pair experience

The family and the young Au Pair agree to respect the legal conditions and customs in force in each country concerning Au Pair status: 30 hours of help per week (childcare, light housework, evening babysitting), 1 to 2 days off per week. The Au Pair is fed, housed and receives an allowance of around 70 to 100€ per week (depending on the country). It is customary for the host family to also finance at least half or even all of the compulsory language courses during an Au Pair's stay. Travel and insurance costs as well as other local expenses are at the Au Pair's expense.

Moreover, within the framework of the contacts made through the FIDEOJOY platform:

In the case of an exchange between families

Generally speaking, the host family treats the young person who arrives as their own and takes charge of his or her expenses on the spot (accommodation, food, schooling, activities, etc.). In some cases of more expensive activities or trips, it is advisable for families to agree in advance on what is best for the student. Travel and insurance costs are the responsibility of the sending family.

The young person hosted in a family undertakes to : 

The host family agrees to :

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