Are you a YOUNG CATHOLIC YOUNG ADULT (girl/boy, 18 & over) who wants to experience the English language while supervising young people?

Apply to be LEADER in our Summer Language Programme in Ireland !


Our Irish programme is (called "Family immersion with Summer Language School" on our website) is organised by 2 Irish teachers with whom we are in partnership. It usually takes place the three first weeks of July. 

In this context, the Leader's role is to supervise young people aged 11 to 17 sent by FIDEOJOY accompanying them on their journey and their stay:

 The "LEADER" get accommodation in a house or hotel with other foreign leaders (mainly Spanish and Italian) and transport is included. 


Very easy to register!  

To apply for the position of "LEADER", complete the contact form below.

We will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Your sense of responsibility and your enthusiasm are key elements in successfully carrying out the mission you will be given as "Leader". 

After you applied, if your application has been successfully approved, we will set up with you an interview that will determine if you can go as a Leader.

  Successful candidates will be called for an interview 


Registration fees : 130€.


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